Frequently Asked Background Check Questions

The State Bureau of Identification has completed their server upgrade and they will slowly begin communication with outside groups one at a time. The MBCC is now able to communicate with SBI and the payment portal has been reactivated. MBCC will continue to monitor and generate reports through rap back monitoring without the need for employers to submit a 5 year recheck request. Hiring managers and HR discuss whether a background check is needed for a position and what the check will include.

Bankruptcies, which are public records, may not be used as a reason to discriminate against someone, either in hiring or promotion. Civil suits or judgments cannot be considered after seven years. If the background check reveals information that might negatively affect hiring or promotion, the applicant or employee has the right to verify the accuracy of the information. Background investigations may produce reports of felony and misdemeanor convictions. Some of those convictions may be those that the UUA considers to be social justice issues. Other convictions may be for ones that are not relevant because they occurred a long time ago or pose little or no threat to youth.

Lastly, JDP has a unique integration with Little League’s preferred official technology provider, Sports Connect. Sports Connect has integrated their ability with JDP to conduct national background checks on local and district volunteers through the Sports Connect platform. The federalFair Credit Reporting Act, administered by the FTC , sets national standards for background checks, which are considered a form of consumer report.

The same restrictions apply as if the person was an employee. Businesses that hire ex-offenders may be eligible for theFederal Bonding Programwhich protects businesses who hire ex-offenders against employee dishonesty. See Idaho Department of LaborFederal Bonding Programfor details. Recruiter will provide information to finalist with instructions to complete disclosure forms.

What Is The Maine Bcc?

Credit checks– Employees and potential employees have a right to privacy in credit checks. Written consent is required before initiating a credit check. When background checks and/or credit reports are used to make employment decisions, including hiring, retention, promotion or reassignment, the employer must comply with theFair Credit Reporting Act. Most checks required by these entities are local or state only checks which do not meet the Little League requirements. Also, the local league is responsible for conducting and reviewing the background check data and making their own personnel decisions per the regulations. Although the property owner has the right to determine who uses their facility, any decision they make as a property owner may or may not meet the Little League Regulations.

  • On Tuesday, August 20th, the State Bureau of Identification will go off-line for a server upgrade.
  • Criminal Records– Employers may not be able to reject potential employees solely on a past criminal record.
  • The federalFair Credit Reporting Act, administered by the FTC , sets national standards for background checks, which are considered a form of consumer report.
  • Several states also require additional background procedures to be completed above those required by Little League International.
  • Little League has partnered with JDP to provide local Little League programs a criminal background check tool.

Hiring managers note in the job ad that a background check is required before employment. Social Media Use – It is legal to check an employee or potential employee’s social media use. Should questions arise, such as finding frequent photos of the person under the influence, further investigation may be needed to determine whether a problem exists that may affect employment.

Recruiter will authorize Final Offer Letter with a start date for signatures. Upon selection of finalist, a conditional offer letter will be provided. Finalist will receive separate email with instructions to complete background check process.

The second is the addition of a payment report that many of you have asked for. This report will allow you to check the payments for any facility you have access to. The ultimate goal of the MBCC is the protection and well-being of citizens receiving services in long-term care, residential care, and home or community-based settings throughout Maine. This Employee Background Check Policy template is ready to be tailored to your company’s needs and should be considered a starting point for setting up your employment policies. This site is brought to you by the combined efforts of more than 20 state and federal agencies known as the RIB (Reducing Idaho’s Bureaucracy) Committee.

TransUnion, the credit reporting agency, has created a website,ShareAble, where small businesses can check an applicant’s background in minutes, including credit, identity and criminal background checks. Little League states that if an individual can apply for a job in their state then a background check can be completed. If they fall under the employment age and would like to volunteer, then a volunteer application is still required but they do not need to provide a Social Security number on the application. Anyone under the age of 18 still must have parental consent .

Frequently Asked Background Check Questions

Website development and updates were funded by grants from USDA Rural Development. We suggest the individual not be appointed or should be suspended from his/her current position pending the outcome of the changes. The last change is there is now a hard stop at the alias section when entering in an application. The system will now require you to simply select a yes or no to continue.

Background check guidelines

Some professions, such as law enforcement, may be exempt from FCRA requirements if they have their own documented procedures. Pre-employment checks – At minimum, a pre-employment background check should include verification of references, past employment, Social Security number and education as reported on a resume or employment application. It may also include fingerprinting, checking the applicant’s driving record and/or past alcohol or drug use and/or past criminal history. If your business works with children or vulnerable adults, you may need to check the state sex offender registry.

(This is a particular problem with online companies.) If you want to begin the process yourself, helpful information can be found on theIdaho State Police website. ISP performs criminal background checks in five northwestern states. The employee or potential employee, not the employer, must submit the request for an FBI background report.

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The MBCC will also streamline the review process and reduce the amount of tracking of paper documents that currently exists. This 5 year recheck requirement was based on anticipated implementation of biometric background check processes, which involves fingerprinting employees to access federal criminal history data, and is limited to a 5 year recheck window. Because the MBCC did not implement the use of biometric processes and does not access federal conviction data, the information that the 5-year recheck was designed to capture is not available to MBCC. Therefore, the Division of Licensing and Certification will not pursue enforcement of this requirement.

Background check guidelines

Center for SafeSport’s Centralized Disciplinary Database and/or Little League International Ineligible list are prohibited from participating as a volunteer in any capacity. If you are a provider and need to enter or monitor an employee background check application you can login now on the top, right side of this page under «Employer Login». The MBCC has a feature known as the “Quick Check.” The screening process will start here, before any cost is incurred. The employer can access public registries to determine immediately if any disqualifiers are on record which may influence the decision to hire.

Background Checks Help Keep Predators Out Of Your League

This notice affects only the recheck requirements under the statutory and rule sections cited herein. It does not relieve an employer of obligations existing under any other statute or rule, including other provisions that may require an employer to conduct background checks or rechecks at various intervals. An employer shall conduct a periodic subsequent background check in accordance with rules adopted pursuant to this chapter.

A start date will be established after the completion of background. Each league must conduct its own background check on the appropriate individuals annually. Any background check that reveals a conviction for, guilty plea, no contest plea, or admission to any crime involving or against a minor must result in immediate termination from the league. If a potential volunteer appears on the National Sex Offender Registry, the league must contact the Security Manager at Little League International prior to appointing the volunteer to participate in any capacity in the league.

The request cannot be contained in an employment application or contract. It must be a separate, clearly stated request containing a statement indicating that information obtained may influence hiring or promotion decisions. This is in addition to the requirements to complete a nationwide background check and a search of the National Sex Offender Registry.

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For an employment background check to qualify as a “consumer report” under the FCRA, it must be prepared by an outside agency, not by your business. Internet sites that search public records and sell the results are considered outside agencies and are therefore subject to the FCRA. Privacy issues– Employers have limited rights when investigating an employee or potential employee’s background and personal life beyond what is included in an application or resume. Before performing a background check you must obtain permission in writing.

JDP can be accessed by going to A local Little League must conduct a background check that at a minimum meet the standard of a nationwide criminal search, a national sex offender registry search, and a review of the U.S. Center for SafeSport’s Centralized Disciplinary Database and the Little League International Ineligible list. Little League Baseball and Softball will require each league to sign an agreement on the charter application that they will comply with Regulation I and I 8 & 9.

Before the MBCC, employers accessed information repositories individually. This required a large amount of time, many paper reports, and risk of exposing sensitive and personal information belonging to applicants. The MBCC will greatly improve the process of vetting applicants and over time save money for employers.

When Should You Conduct An Employee Background Check?

Individuals who may be granted a security clearance are subject to even more scrutiny. Care must be taken to avoid discrimination in any way when performing or securing a background check. Performing a Background Check –Not all businesses have the expertise or the time to perform a thorough background check and may therefore choose to use the services of a company specializing in background investigations. Be certain the company you choose has a record for accuracy.

Upon completion of a new job description or update/change of an existing job description complete the Background Check Worksheet. During the classification review, Compensation will review and confirm if a background check is required based on policy criteria. Background checks should search the national criminal database, the database of the state of the adult’s residence’s, and sex offender registries.

At present, Alabama, California, Florida, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Pennsylvania have such background laws in place. Although mandatory, these laws DO NOT by themselves meet the Little League regulation. More information can be found at A local Little League must conduct a nationwide background check utilizing JDP or another provider that is comparable to JDP in accessing background check records for sex offender registry data and other criminal records. The first 125 checks conducted through JDP are paid for by Little League International and are free to each chartered Little League. If additional checks are needed, they will cost the league only $.95 per background check conducted.

Criminal history record checks for all direct access workers must be completed every 5 years subsequent to the date of hire or the anniversary date of a pervious background check completed through use of the Background Check Center. This includes church volunteers, sports coaches, volunteer teachers/aides and more. Medical information– Medical records are private and cannot be requested or checked. According to theAmericans with Disabilities Act, employers may inquire only about an applicant’s ability to perform monitoring development background specific job duties, either with or without reasonable accommodation. Workers compensation claims, which are public records, can be consulted only to determine whether a past injury may affect an employee’s current ability to perform required duties, such as lifting. HR and hiring managers can call candidates to discuss the results of their background checks in cases of minor discrepancies (e.g. a suspended license.) If candidates answer satisfactorily, they may still be hired to work with our company.

Give candidates information they need to dispute a report or address any issues a background check turns up. Military records– Military service records may be released only in limited circumstances, and consent is generally required. MBCC announces its interpretation of the 5-year background check recheck process. Generally, if hiring managers and HR decide a particular candidate would bring high or unreasonable risk to our company, they should reject the candidate. Independent Contractors – The backgrounds of independent contractors may be checked.