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If you’ve been to a live photography exhibition and marvelled at the amazing fantasy photography that artists who were there have captured, you’ll know that this isn’t just natural talent. In fact, it’s quite difficult to find people who can truly call themselves «photographers» who don’t have a strong belief in the power of fantasy photography and the impact it can have on people. An exhibition’s primary purpose is to showcase the creativity and talent of talented photographers. A studio for fantasy photography could be the perfect location for these shows, providing a warm welcome for new and emerging talents. These are some of the most well-known fantasy photographers you may like to check out.

Edvard MUNCH : One of the most respected members of the Norwegian Modern Group, Edvard MUNCH has been working on and off for the past few decades, constructing an aesthetic that reflects his distinctive style. In addition to his huge-scale oil painting The Dissolve, which you can see online, he has also created works like Girl With Glasses, Vixen, Girl With Ball, The Eternal Knot and Girl with Golden Hair. While some of his oil art may be a bit outdated however, his dark black and grey drawings are still very attractive. If you love dark and powerful imagery you will be awed by what you see here from the master photographer.

Mike Johnson: Not only did Mike Johnson start out as an apprentice photographer, but he also tried to make a living in art before he discovered his passion in the realm of fantasy photography. His vibrant paintings are well-respected and fantasy photography studio you can find out more about them on his website. Many of his paintings are displayed in the Seattle area at the fantasizeroom gallery in Bellingham. This artist is an excellent choice if you are a fan of vibrant imagery and vibrant colors.

David Rago: David Rago is often described as the fantasy/toy artist photographer. His work has won numerous awards. You can learn more about him and his work on his website. His portfolio offers an unique perspective on fantasy photography. If you love fantasy landscapes and fantasy photography then you’ll be awed by his work. His style of art is distinctive and unique.

Patrick Callaert: Patrick Callaert started his career doing illustrations for magazines and children’s books before he moved on to working as an art director and designer. He is currently freelance graphic designer, illustrator, and painter. You should look at his portfolio if are interested fantasy photographers. You can learn much from his work.

There are many other fantasy photography artists you may be interested in. Be aware that these photographers are helping you to improve your artistic skills. They have improved their skills to be able to provide excellent fantasy photography. It is now up to you to choose an artist to bring into your own fantasy photography studio. If you are a skilled photographer who enjoys exploring your artistic side, you will find working with fantasy photographers artists extremely stimulating. If you’re more inclined to work with the technical part of your brain, then you might prefer to work in black and white or sepia.