Best Travel Destination For Burnout Recovery Vacations

The information we provide is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It should not be used in place of the advice of your physician or other qualified healthcare providers. Recovery can open up new possibilities and opportunities, especially while traveling.

  • Meditation retreats – these tend to draw people who are looking to focus on wellness and are less likely to offer alcohol or other drugs.
  • Drop me a comment below, I’d love to feature your option and perhaps even try it out myself on a future trip.
  • If you missed the opportunity for a free day after the holidays, book your return for a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday so that your first week back in the office is an abbreviated one.

Just before the final moments of the New Year, you can see customers enjoying and partying and having a good time. However, the mood changes entirely as soon as the calendar hits January 1st. After going through the periods of high sales, a business realizes it’s potential. Most businesses make the mistake of slacking after the period of high sales. Waiting for things to happen is the last thing that you can do a business owner.

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If you suffered from migraines, you wouldn’t take off on a cross-country trip without your medication. If being prepared means bringing extra items with you, that’s alright.

Once you have your sales and management in order, you need to focus your attention on your employees. The holiday season might be a wonderful time of the year for the customers and the people visiting the business, but it is a stressful one for business owners and their employees. One of the complaints that owners have after the holiday season is that the employees lose their motivation once the holidays are over. The Alumni Association at Recovery Centers of America hosts virtual meetings for our alumni and the recovery community 7 days a week, multiple times a day. With support just a few clicks away, there is no reason you can’t get to a meeting while on vacation and check in with your peers. When preparing to take a vacation, consider asking friends, family, or individuals in your recovery community to join you. Bringing individuals that you trust to support you and help maintain your sobriety will offer some much-needed relief to any travel anxiety you may experience during your trip.

If you don’t already start each day with gratitude, then use the holidays to focus more on living life with gratefulness. Wake up and feel gratitude create happiness inside of you.

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Even just plotting a weekend away can lift your spirits. Dive into the research as soon as you feel the doldrums setting in. Even after a restful vacation, the Vacation and Recovery return to real life can be jarring. But there are things you can do, both before you leave and after you get back, that make reentry a little more pleasant.

What’s more, workers who don’t take vacations have been shown to be at higher risk of burnout, of feeling emotionally exhausted by work and of never feeling fully able to handle professional demands. Burnout can also create marriage and family problems and contribute to depression, poor health and higher rates of suicide. Attend local recovery community holiday events and celebrations.

Vacation and Recovery

Instead of filling up your schedule, judiciously choose activities and build in plenty of downtime. With pandemic restrictions slowly abating, the travel industry is forecasting that 2022 could be one of its busiest years ever. A long-overdue vacation will be welcomed by many as a time of rest and relaxation away from everyday stresses. The first step is don’t go beating yourself up for feeling a little sad after returning from vacation.

Tips For Getting Back Into A Workout Routine If The Pandemic Disrupted Yours

All of us, in theory, take time off from our jobs during the week — at the end of our workday, and on our days off. But the value of this time off depends, in part, on how well we can separate ourselves from our work. Not everyone, of course, can choose how and when they take a break at work — some people have breaks at set times, with limited options for how to spend these breaks. If this is you, the important thing is to still take those breaks when they come up.

  • Visit today to make an appointment with a primary care physician or specialist.
  • As the shift in sales takes place, it is imperative to adjust the inventory levels accordingly.
  • You’ll be more productive, have better heart health and feel less stressed.
  • This package typically includes healthcare, dental, vision, retirement plans and PTO.

Her passion for helping individuals overcome their circumstances, and affecting positive change has been a driving force in her efforts to support RCA’s alumni community. If you or someone you know is struggling with substance use disorder, don’t wait. Call RECOVERY. Our Mission Center team is awaiting your call 24/7. Before you leave for your trip, be sure to do your research. Look for destinations and activities that won’t put your recovery in jeopardy. Lean on the tools and strategies you’ve learned throughout your recovery experience to communicate clearly and resolve problems as they arise. Letting conflicts fester puts your recovery at risk and diminishes your travel experience.

Rather than offering new promotions that you find challenging to balance; you need to look for other ways to increase sales. Reading the mindset of the customer and then giving them deals that fit the mentality is a strategy that some of the best businesses use.

A change of scenery, such as a restful vacation in a distant destination can be a way to help our brain rekindle those neural pathways involved in interest and excitement. Raised in a family where work was lauded as life’s number one goal, one theme of my adult life has been relearning the delicate balance between work and leaving enough room for play. While most of us think that play is the realm of children- it’s actually really important for personal and vocational sustainability (i.e. burnout prevention) throughout our lives. Time away from work can help you feel refreshed and may even make you more motivated to pursue your work-related goals. Because PTO is an important consideration when deciding whether or not to accept a role, you should take time to fully understand the types of PTO offered and whether it changes with tenure.


Employees typically face an increase in the workload once they come back from holidays. One way that you can manage the workload for the employees is by dividing them into teams. Rather than making them stay long hours after work, assign teams to get done with the work assigned. Recovering a business after holidays is an arduous task. Every year, businesses all around the world spend a considerable amount to boost their sales during the holiday season.

Vacation and Recovery

Reinforce your recovery plan and make necessary changes to compensate stressful holiday concerns. Whether you have just discovered your new life in recovery, or you have been sober for some time, remember to enjoy the ride, but don’t forget to pack your recovery toolbox! Coping mechanisms for eating disorders range from practicing mindfulness to avoiding the triggering situation altogether. Practicing self-care and recognizing what works for you can help prevent fear of relapse during a holiday party of a holiday vacation.

But, if you arrive home on Saturday and have all of Sunday to get yourself adjusted, then Monday morning will be a breeze. These 5 ways to recover and detox from your vacation seems simple to implement, but often they are harder to maintain than you think. For instance, if you make a grocery list for your return, make sure it includes what you’ll need for your detox diet. It’s tempting to return to your normal, busy routine the second you return home, but resist the urge. Planning a full schedule for the week you return will likely lead to stress, exhaustion and burn out.

Talk To Your Recovery Coach

Take time and write a note thanking them for all they do to make you thrive in a lifestyle for recovery. When in recovery maintaining proper nutrition adds a layer of defense. Talk to experts with real-life experience to provide nutritional knowledge to maintain wellness.

Vacation and Recovery

If recovery meetings are a part of your real life, it’s adventurous and comforting to know that meetings are pretty much the same no matter where you are. Fellow attendees who are local to the area will often have information on great restaurants and attractions off the beaten path. ; it’s another thing you can cross off your list when you’re back home and feeling a serious case of jet lag). If there’s an assignment you’re putting off, get it done before your trip. You don’t want to enter the office knowing you already have a full plate. Chun-Chu Chen is an Assistant Professor of Recreation in the Department of Movement Sciences at the University of Idaho.

What Are The Tools Needed To Help You Travel Well?

Start a new habit by waking up and drinking a glass of warm water and lemon. Maybe you were frustrated with a task before you went on vacation because you couldn’t make it work. After being away from it for a while, you can look at it differently and offer a new perspective. Sometimes you just need time away to get a little jumpstart on your work.

For many travelers who are familiar with burnout, cruises are the default vacation for their restorative travel. Cruises are a particularly good option for burnout-related travel if you’ll be traveling with family. Since cruises have options for all ages and family members to be entertained, it can be a more satisfying vacation for many seeking deep relaxation. All-inclusive travel is popular for reason – at all-inclusive resorts you don’t need to plan or organize anything- you don’t even need to calculate costs for most things!

Planning A Sober Vacation? First, 7 Essential Tips

Avoid these missteps to stay on track with your recovery while on the road. We don’t have to chain ourselves to our desks until we get through the day’s to-do list. We can be that person reading a book (for fun!) in the café down the street.

If you are starting to feel yourself unravel, don’t brush it off just because you’re on vacation. Speak with someone who is familiar with you and your recovery. A vacation is supposed to be a blissful time of rest and relaxation away from everyday stressors. But for a person in recovery, the thought of taking avacationcan induceanxiety. Even if you feel like you have a million tasks to get done, don’t neglect rest as soon as you get home!